Systemize App

This user interface project helped to develop my research approach. I had to do extensive research into user profiles, audience, and wireframes. Systemize is an app that has both navigating your day and monitoring your night. This app functions with a menu at the bottom of the screen and slides between screens left and right. The day set up to the left and the night to the right. After you signup, the home screens displays quick headlines that can take you directly to the information. To the left, you have your schedule that is manually updated and a time tracker based on your schedule info to determine your wasted time thus providing you with ways to improve. To the right, you have your unique alarms that can set your snooze as a game or activity to wake you up and a sleep mode that displays how you slept.

Client: Myers School of Art: Ux/Ui

Role: Student

Technique:  Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

Year: 2021